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Service Gift Certificate - Electric Setup w/ Choice of Stringjoy Strings

Need to buy a gift for a guitar player but don't know what they like? Give them the gift of guitar maintenance! This gift card is good for one electric guitar setup and a pack of Stringjoy strings of their choice. 

Guitars are made out of wood, so they are prone to changing with the weather. It's similar to when one of your doors won't close all the way in the summer, but fits perfectly in the winter. Guitars need a little bit of maintenance to keep them in playing shape from season to season - that's where a setup comes in. 

A setup includes...

1. Good clean and polish
2. Raw wood fretboard & bridge conditioning with Lemon Oil (Linseed Oil available upon request)
3. Truss Rod Adjustment (if needed)
4. Saddle height adjustment
5. LIGHT fretboard and fret cleaning. *Extra cheesy or dirty fretboards will be charged for a fretboard cleaning and fret level*
6. Flush and clean electronics with contact cleaner
7. Tighten and lubricate machine head tuners
8. Inspect and tighten any loose screws or connections — stripped or missing screws replaced.
9. Pickup height and balance adjustment
10. Intonation check and adjustment
11. Longevity and stability issue inspection; early diagnosis of potential issues like cracks or swells
12. String change

**There will be an additional charge for guitars with locking tremolos (+$35) or more than 6 strings (+$5.00 per additional string).**

After your purchase, you will be able to download a copy of the gift certificate. The certificate may be exchanged for (1) electric guitar setup and choice of Stringjoy strings. It can also be exchanged for $60 in store credit, but it cannot be exchanged for cash. The certificate does not expire.

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