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German-Made Antonius Stradivarius Copy Violin - Just Add Bridge! (circa-1920s Antique Varnish)

Here for sale is a vintage violin w/ case. All it is missing is a bridge and strings, and it should be good to go! 

As you might notice, my store is called "Jack's Guitarcheology" and not "Jack's Violincheology," mainly because it doesn't make any sense, but also because I am WAY out of my wheel house on this one. I know next to nothing about orchestral instruments. (I was a band kid, French Horn to be exact.) I stumbled across this in my travels and couldn't pass it up. I know enough about luthiery to know that Stradivarious....even a vintage worth something. 

What I can tell about this violin based on my guitar tech and luthiery experience is that this violin is not the bottom floor model, the top is real spruce. The back, sides and neck are a stunning flamed maple. This is a quality instrument. Copy of one of the best instruments ever made by man. 

Versions of this very violin goes for $800+ in good working order so this one is half price! String it yourself and save! See for yourself:

It had a few cracks in the face when I got it, I sealed them, so now there are no structural problems whatsoever. Just get a pack of strings and a bridge and you are ready for your duel with the devil over that coveted golden fiddle. Comes with a cool vintage case. Shipped with full insurance. 

Solid violin at a solid price. Sold "as described." 

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