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Kingston / Teisco 'Rattlecan Relic' Surf Bass w/GB (1960s - Seafoam Green)

Seafoam dreams! 

For sale here is a lovely Kingston / Teisco bass from yesteryear, circa 1966. It was made in Japan by Matsumoku. This is a super interesting offset shape. It sounds GREAT. The electronics all work perfectly, and the tone is a surf rock player's dream. 

When this thing came in, it was mostly a pile of parts that needed a lot of work. We completely redid it. It was  stripped and "hippie refinish" natural originally with a terrible, splotchy dark blue dye job. I decided to respray it Seafoam Green and we left the relic super light, so it looks lightly played and loved. The pickups are original, but the bass has been completely rewired / reworked. This bass plays and sounds amazing. Perfect for all your garage rock and punk rock needs. 

The only thing to mention on this neck is that the original neck is super spindly, and it has a bit of "vintage truss rod" syndrome. That is to say, the truss rod works great from about the 11th-12th, but there is a little bit of a drop away after that where the action gets higher, then the neck "hooks up" at the end. Notes still sound all the way up on the neck, except on the A string where the hook is the most extreme. The A string starts to deaden out around the 13th-14th. If you are playing from the 12th fret down, you should never notice anything is up. Additionally, many of the original inlays were missing, so I replaced them with pigmented gold epoxy fill inlays. 

AGAIN - this neck plays great with low playing action from the 12th-13th fret down. It is only in the high register that the neck gets a wee bit wonky. If you are playing garage or punk or basic rock n roll on this thing, you will likely never notice a thing. For this reason, I am selling this one "as described." As always, we cleaned it up, polished the finish, changed the strings and set the action as low and smooth. Comes with a gig bag, and I pack my instruments up tight and insure every package for the full purchase amount.

Got questions? Shoot me a message, I love nerding out with other gearheads! 

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