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Brick & Mortar Dedicated Shops

This is a list of the actual brick and mortar shops you can visit in the Nashville area.

Shop/Owner NamePrimary Contact/WebsiteAddress:Location:
Blues Vintage Guitars WEBSITE 212 McGavock Pk., Nashville 37214 Donelson
British Audio WEBSITE 5343 Charlotte Ave., Nashville 37209 West Nashville
Caldwell Guitars WEBSITE 933 Woodland St., Nashville, 37206 East Nashville / 5 Points
Corner Music WEBSITE 3048 Dickerson Pk., Nashville 37207 Nashville / Dickerson Pk and Ewing
Eastside Music Supply WEBSITE 2915 Gallatin Pk., Nashville 37216 East Nashville / Trinity and Gallatin Pk
Fanny’s House of Music WEBSITE 1101 Holly St., Nashville 37206 East Nashville / 5 Points
Forrest York WEBSITE 123 E. Main St., Murfreesboro 37130 Murfreesboro
Jack’s Guitarcheology WEBSITE 107 Public Sq., Lebanon 37087 Lebanon
Music City Vintage Guitars WEBSITE 2817 Azalea Place, Berry Hill, TN 37204

Nashville / Berry Hill
Nashville New and Used WEBSITE 4876 Nolensville Pk. Nashville 37211 Nashville / Nolensville Pk
New Vintage Music WEBSITE 1202 Coreland Dr. Unit C, Madison 37115 Madison

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Dedicated Repair Shops

These are the talented technicians and luthiers in the area. Most of these fine folks work from their homes or private workshops. You can reach out to them directly to schedule an appointment. Addresses are listed for brick and mortar locations.

Shop/Owner NamePrimary Contact/WebsiteContact(s)Address:Location:Description/Specialties:Banjos?  Resonators?  Mandlins?
WEBSITE Lance Acreman 1606 4th Ave. N Nashville 37208 Germantown We work on all stringed instruments. Nothing too big or too small. We do all lines of work. Pickup installs, setups, mods, bridge and neck sets, and custom builds. Y Y Y
INSTAGRAM Taylor Jones   Madison Full repair shop and touring rig builds with an eye for detail. Y N N
Bluesman Vintage WEBSITE John Scott 4922 Port Royal Rd., Ste B1 Spring Hill 37174 Spring Hill We work on anything with strings. Mandolins, dobros, banjos are also welcome. Offering all types of repair, including restoration and finishing. Y Y Y
Bonaventure Guitars WEBSITE Nick Stratton   Gallatin Repair and custom build shop, specialized in electrics but will also do setups/fretwork/refrets and light repair work on acoustics (no neck resets). I also take on restoration work on a case by case basis. N N N
Bonneville Restorations INSTAGRAM Roland “Lindz” Mckay   Hendersonville Full service guitar repair and refinish work, as well as custom builds. N N Y
Clown Farm INSTAGRAM Richie Kirkpatrick   East Nashville / Parkwood Guitar setups and basic repairs, refrets, musical electronics repairs. Y N N
Cofer Guitars INSTAGRAM Wade Cofer   Madison Full service guitar repair specializing in refrets and pickup rewinds. N N N
Cwinn Strings INSTAGRAM Chad Winn   East Nashville / 5 Points Setups, structural repair and electronics. N Y Y
WEBSITE Manuel Delgado 919 Gallatin Ave #10 Nashville 37206 East Nashville In business since 1928, three generations going on four. We build over 45 different types of string instruments and can repair or setup anything with strings that you can carry in. Our prices are very fair and experience is unmatched. Y Y Y
Eliot Pride
Guitar Repair
INSTAGRAM Eliot Pride   East Nashville / Shelby Park Fretwork, wiring, nuts/saddles and other routine maintenance for well-played guitars. “High class repair for low brow guitarists.” N N N
Engebretson Guitars WEBSITE Erik Engebretson   Hendersonville Acoustic and electric guitars/also specializing in mandolins. Minoring in banjos and dobros. Contact for pro setups and bigger jobs/restorations based on availability. Y Y Y
INSTAGRAM Gearld Strickland   Nashville Area Full service guiar repair. Acoustic neck resets, refrets, bridge reglues, structural repairs. Y Y Y
Glaser Instruments FACEBOOK Nick Drushel 434 E. Iris Dr. Nashville 37204 Berry Hill Repair and restoration shop for stringed instruments providing service for over 35 years. Y Y Y
Green Guitar Project INSTAGRAM Sean Paden   Wedgewood-Houston Same day setups by appointment, refrets, custom parts/pickguards, CNC fabrication. N N N
Guitar Mill WEBSITE Mario Martin / Ryan Davis 407 W. Lytle St Murfreesboro 37130 Murfreesboro Vintage, high end restorations, vintage-correct nitro refinishing, locally made custom F-style bodies and necks, refrets and any major luthiery, primarily electric. Y N Y
Jack’s Guitarcheology WEBSITE Jack Brunson 107 Public Sq Lebanon 37087 Lebanon Setups, restorations, “Budget Vintage”, electronics, cracks & breaks, headstock repairs, light modding & partscasters, rubber bridges, all basic maintenance and minor repairs. NO refrets or resets. Y Y Y
Jake Clements Lamb INSTAGRAM Jake Lamb   East Nashville Full service guitar repair specializing in acoustic neck resets and bridge lifts. No finish work other than touchup related to structural repairs. Y Y Y
John Williams WEBSITE John Williams   Nashville / Clarksville Pickup repair/rewinds, electronics, setups, custom builds. N N N
Kelly Butler INSTAGRAM Kelly Butler   Franklin Setups, pickup swaps, general electronics work, fretwork. N N N
Matt Knowles Guitar Services INSTAGRAM Matt Knowles   East Nashville / Inglewood Full service guitar and bass repair. I love to do precision setups for any player and understand the intracies and nuances of many different playing styles. I will cater each setup to suit what the player wants out of their instrument. If you shred, I’m your guy. Also specialize in pickup/electronic wiring, fretwork/refrets. Y N Y
Music City Vintage Guitars WEBSITE Gearld Strickland 2817 Azalea Place
Berry Hill, TN 37204
Nashville / Berry Hill All fretted instrument repairs Y Y Y
Guitar Company
WEBSITE Marty Lanham   East Nashville / Inglewood Custom guitar building and vintage restoration. Y Y Y
Nekoda Instruments INSTAGRAM Daren Gallman   Manchester (Nashville pickup) Restoration/repair. Primarily acoustic, neck resets, compression refrets, new bridges, cracks, structural. N N N
One Louder Guitar Service WEBSITE Eddie Heinzelman 4111 Hillsboro Pike Suite 206 Nashville 37215 Green Hills Setups, electronics, fretwork, structural repairs. N N N
Plank Customs INSTAGRAM Chris Plank   Hendersonville Full service instrument setups and repair. Y Y Y
Rhett’s Frets
INSTAGRAM Rhett Harris 122 Dominic Circle Murfreesboro 37130 Murfreesboro Setups, pickup installs, electronics work, pickup rewinds, bridge reglues, refrets, bone nuts/saddles. I offer pickup and delivery for a mileage fee and some in home/studio setups. N N Y
S Connell
Guitar Repair
WEBSITE Spencer Connell   West Nashville Guitar and bass repair and restoration. Full service specializing in acoustic restoration/neck resets/fret work. Y Y Y
Sam’s Guitars and Repairs WEBSITE Sam Burke   East Nashville / Shelby Park Specialize in guitar setups, electronics repair, crack repairs, acoustic bridge reglue, nuts/saddles, and touchup paint work. Also provides mobile services/house calls for clients at their home/studio. Y Y Y
Scale Model Guitars WEBSITE Dave Johnson   Donelson Full service guitar repair with a focus on vintage instruments and refrets. Y N N
Stage Right Repairs INSTAGRAM Marshall and Rene   Nashville Area Quick-turnaround guitar repair pop-up staffed by experienced touring techs. Specializing in setups, simple electronics repairs, anything that can be done in a few hours. Y Y Y
String Theory Guitar Repair
WEBSITE Thom Abell   Mt. Juliet My specialties are custom wiring, fret jobs, complicated hardware installations, meticulous, master built quality parts guitar “builds”. I also handmake some really nice, super low capacitance instrument and mic cables at my company within my company, Abell Cable. I do everything but finishes and finish repair. Y Y Y
Tone Bench WEBSITE Dennis Gaebel   Donelson All types of repairs, but I don’t do high end restorations. Y Y Y
Working Order Guitars INSTAGRAM Matthew Steward   East Nashville / Inglewood Repair shop focused on guitar and bass setups, fretjobs, electronics, structural and finish repair, mods. Y N N
Zach Rickard INSTAGRAM Zach Rickard   Nashville Area Specializes in realistic wear and distress, hand-cut finish checking, and refretting to create a custom instrument that feels, looks, and plays like a high-end vintage guitar. N N N

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Amplifier Repair

These are the local amplifier builders and repair techs in the area.

Shop/Owner NamePrimary Contact/WebsiteContact(s)Address:Location:
British Audio Service, Inc. WEBSITE Amplifier Dept. 5343 Charlotte Ave., Suite B
Nashville 37209
West Nashville
Dale Amps INSTAGRAM Elad Shapiro   Madison
Eastside Music Supply WEBSITE Zan Greene 2915 Gallatin Pike
Nashville 37216
East Nashville / Trinity & Gallatin Pk
Hime Amplification WEBSITE Jeff Hime / Nick Rose 2127 Utopia Ave.
Nashville 37211
Magnetic Flux INSTAGRAM Jon Capito   Antioch
Nashville Amplifier Service, LLC WEBSITE Todd Sharp 2616 Grandview Ave.
Nashville 37211

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Pedal Repair and Customization

Here are your local pedal builders and technicians.

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