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Jack's Guitarcheology Owner

Jack Brunson – Owner / Guitarcheologist

Jack's Guitarcheology Owner

Jayme Brunson – Owner / Operations Manager

Jack's Guitarcheology Store Manager
Kassidy D.

Shop Manager and Lead Technician

Kass (She / Her) has been flipping gear and setting up guitars with her dad since she was very young. She has been helping with restoration, set ups, customer service and shipping/receiving. She is especially skilled with non-standard tuning guitar setups and tech work. 

As shop manager she is the second highest ranking tech under Jack and manages the day to day goings on in the shop. 

This is her favorite guitar in her collection, a Matsumoku-made 1980s Aria Pro II Thorsound RS500.

Jack's Guitarcheology Steven the Goose

 Steven the Goose

Social Media Manager

Honk. Honk honk honk hoooonk honk. HONK. Honk honk honk hoooooonk. Honk. Honk honk honk hoooonk honk. HONK. Honk honk honk hoooooonk.





Tyler R.

eCommerce Specialist and Shop Assistant

Tyler (He / Him) graduated from Berklee College of Music and is an Eagle Scout. He has a good few years of gear retail experience back home in Maryland before moving around and settling in Middle TN. 

Tyler's favorite guitar is this Collings hollowbody. He lives in Mt. Juliet with his fiancé and when he is not at the store, you may see him playing session gigs around Nashville or teaching guitar lessons.

Jude Technition
Jude R.

Freelance Shop Assistant

Jude (He / Him) is a local high school student whom I hired to clean and tune the guitars on the floor for the past few months.

I was introduced to Jude via his many trips to the shop to buy parts and build his own partscasters. On about his second build, I asked Jude if he wanted an incredibly part-time position and some luthiery guidance. He did indeed.

Jude is indeed named after the Beatles song "Hey Jude." His favorite band is Queen, though, and that reflects in what he chose as his favorite guitar from his collection.


Jad S.

Freelance Shop Assistant

Jad (He / Him) started his relationship with Jack's Guitarcheology as a customer. In fact, he was one of our first customers when we opened the brick and mortar store. He came in on the first preview weekends. 

He has been playing for longer than some our employees have been alive and when I found myself short-handed recently, he offered to come in part-time around his main gig to help clean and string guitars. 

Jad lives in Wilson Co. with this wife, Jillian, and three (WONDERFUL) kids. He plays under the stage name Quiet Local.

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