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Why bother with the listing, packing, shipping, tirekickers and headache of selling a guitar online. Let us do it for you — just kick back and collect a check when it sells. Jack’s Guitarcheology specializes in unique and easy consignments. Not only will your item be for sale in-store, but it will also be available to billions of people across the globe online via our website and Reverb stores for our well-crafted online audience of guitar buyers.

We take care of pictures, listing, shipping & everything and pay you directly when it sells. Easy peasy. No hassle. In exchange, we will keep 15% of the net sale (i.e. We only take a cut from what you actually make. We take our cut after Reverb, Square, etc. takes theirs). 

If you're interested in consigning an item, feel free to bring it by the shop. You can also fill out the form below or email us directly if you want to talk with us first. We look forward to helping you move some gear!

Consignment Request


When you consign an item with us, we will ask you to sign an agreement to the following terms:

By signing below, I acknowledge that I am the owner of the items above, or I have explicit permission of the owner to consign these items. I agree to allow Jack’s Guitarcheology to sell the items to a third party and retain a 15% commission for said service. I certify that these items have been acquired legally. I agree that I will not advertise these items for sale anywhere other than at Jack’s Guitarcheology (online or brick-and-mortar). If the item needs to be serviced, I agree to pay for that work either through a separate invoice or using the net proceeds of the sale. I will pay for work regardless of whether the item sells.

Jack’s Guitarcheology agrees to only sell items at a price that will result in the minimum net payout or more. Jack’s Guitarcheology shall maintain business insurance for all items in its care. All damages and claims will be covered by said insurance. All items priced above $100 will be shipped with insurance and any claims will be covered by said insurance. Jack’s Guitarcheology agrees to pay the consignor within 14 days of settlement of the sale.

The consignor may cancel this contract and remove the item from Jack’s Guitarcheology at any time.

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